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Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh: A Retreat From Hanoi # Top 14 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh: A Retreat From Hanoi được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Vxsc.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Home to small stilt houses of the White Thai ethnic group, Mai Chau Valley located in Hoa Binh Province is known for its idyllic beauty and rich cultural identity. Resting within jungled hills not too far from Hanoi capital, Mai Chau offers you a peaceful, relaxed getaway. Read on to find out the best Mai Chau has to offer, and also what to see and do during your stay there.

Location: Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, 130 kilometers from Hanoi

I.Highlights of Mai Chau Valley

Photo: @unanitdestiu

As one of the most famous homestay villages in Vietnam, Mai Chau is home to the White Thai ethnic group, a group distantly related to those in Laos and China. White Thai people own special cultural customs and unique farming techniques. One of the most distinctive features of Thai people’s lifestyle is their housing architecture.

Hemmed in the hills, the clusters of stilt houses nestle quietly. Thai stilt houses are primarily made of wooden and bamboo pillars and rise 2-3 meters above the ground. The empty space below is kept for livestock while the upper space is for the family’s daily life activities. Numerous stilt-house homestays can be found in Lac Village, the most well-known village in the area.

Thai people are known as fantastic cooks and excellent craftsmen. It will be such a shame if you miss the chance to taste the mouth-watering local cuisines, which are dishes heavily drawn from the land. Thai women are renowned by their sophisticated weaving techniques. Stocking up on some handmade brocades is a good idea to keep your memories about the northwest cultures in Vietnam.

Beside the tranquility of rice paddy fields, rustic charms of the village and the sophisticated handicrafts, one can also find the large karst limestone caves in Mai Chau appealing. The biggest ones are Mo Luong Cave and Chieu Cave, both of which host exciting hiking and trekking activities.

II. What to See and Do in Mai Chau Valley? 1. Spend the night at an authentic homestay

Waking up to the sound of roosters crowing is surely an exciting experience. You are welcome to spend the night at any Mai Chau homestay villages: Mai Chau, Pom Coong or Lac. The homestays are owned by the White Thai people, providing both accommodations, meals and cultural performances. Surrounded by idyllic villages, brilliant-green rice paddies, verdant jungles and towering mountain tops, what else can one ask for?

Spending the night, you will be most stunned about the local delicacies prepared by the hospitable hosts. The signature cuisines are sticky rice steamed in bamboo cylinders, roasted “man” pig and bitter bamboo shoots. You will “experience” drinking wine in a way you never tried before: sipping through straws from a clay jar. For your information, “Can” liquor is widely known in Vietnam for its unique taste and intriguing drinking practice.

Photo: @maichauvalleyretreat

Also, sleeping on a mattress on the bamboo creaky floor is also a brand new experience to most tourists. Don’t worry, mosquito nets and blankets are available in most homestays. Stilt houses are extremely well-ventilated, so you won’t need air-conditioning at all.

The cultural performances include Tai dances from the local troupes, featuring Thai girls dressing in their best costumes, singing and dancing along traditional folk songs. You are almost certain to fall in love with the one-of-a-kind cultural characteristics of the Thai ethnic group displayed here.

2. Cycle or hike around the valley

Photo: @vietexperttravel

Hotel and homestay owners are bound to assist you with bicycle rentals. Cycling around the rice paddies, enjoying the scenic setting, inhaling fresh countryside air, you will surely have a lot to capture on camera. Come to Mai Chau in spring and you’ll see wildflowers blooming, one of the most significant draws Mai Chau has to offer.

3. Explore Mai Chau’s caves

Mai Chau’s two largest caves are Mo Luong Cave and Chieu Cave. Both are based on karst limestone bedrock, the same kind of geological formations that created the islands of Ha Long Bay. Mo Luong Cave is a cave inside Mount Phu Ka, stretching about 500 meters. There are two entrances to the cave, connecting to a large cathedral interior, before branching out four different caverns.

Chieu Cave can only be reached by a 1200-step staircase. The interior extends about 140 meters in the mountain and branches out to two chambers.

4. Shop for local crafts

Traditional customs define different roles for Thai men and women. Women are assigned to weave clothing for the whole family and in the recent days, for sale. They specialize in weaving brocades: silk fabrics rich in color and raised patterns.

Regarding brocade purchases, you are expected (and even welcome) to haggle in the market. However, be polite and understanding, as the whole process to produce a piece of brocades is extremely sophisticated, fully manmade and very time-consuming. Supporting locals with a reasonable amount of money spent on souvenirs is a way to support preserving their magnificent cultures.

III. How to Get to Mai Chau Valley?

Local buses are readily available at your choice. From Hanoi, you can choose one of the 4 buses that go to Mai Chau Town, a short walk from Lac and Pom Coong Village. You might want to rent a car or motorbike to enjoy a private experience, but please take into account the weather. It will be very foggy during winter and early spring, thus not safe for driving or biking on your own.

IV. Tips on Visiting Mai Chau Valley

Being on a high altitude, Mai Chau possesses a very cold winter and very hot summer. The best time to visit Mai Chau fall either between the latter half of February to the end of May, or between the autumn months from October to November. The late spring will be a time for blooming flowers, a note worth taking for traveling to Mai Chau.

If you wish to spend a few extra days and explore the neighboring area, refer to a local guide. They will recommend you to visit Mai Hich Village, Pa Co Market and Thung Khe Pass, the three less touristy attractions near Mai Chau.

One might call the Mai Chau experience “too sanitized”, as it has been long exploited by tourism. However, if you’re looking for a quiet getaway from the city’s hustle, some great biking and hiking, and extraordinary culinary experiences, Mai Chau Valley is definitely next on your list. Come and see for yourself, the rustic villages, green rice paddies and tall mountain tops of the northwest of Vietnam.

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Từ khoá: Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh: A Retreat from Hanoi

Binh Chau Hotspring: What To Expect?

Photo by ben lim / Unsplash

Binh Chau Hotspring Resort proved to be one of the top tourist destinations that lots of people loved. In addition to unique hot springs, Binh Chau has all the latest amenities and promises to provide everyone with unforgettable experiences. So, what to expect at Binh Chau Hotpspring Resort, let’s find out in this article below!

Binh Chau Hotspring Resort proved to be one of the top tourist destinations that lots of people loved

1 Where is Binh Chau Hotspring Resort?

Binh Chau Hot Spring, a natural mineral hot spring resort in Vietnam with a remarkable area of up to 33ha, is situated on Highway 55. Binh Chau Hotspring Resort is a popular resort that attracts both domestic and foreign visitors who frequently come to enjoy and relax on the final occasions. week or short holidays. It is located around 50 kilometers from Long Hai Beach and 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

The year-round natural hot mineral source with an impressively appealing mist is Binh Chau Hot Springs’ standout feature. If you have the chance to visit the resort, you will have the chance to thoroughly explore the stunning natural surroundings of Ho Coc in addition to unwinding in the warm sea.

The fact that Binh Chau, a hot spring in Vietnam, is a year-round water supply adds to its appeal and increases people’s fondness for it. The hot mineral springs here, according to locals, are excellent for repairing and caring for both health and attractiveness. The healing properties of warm water will penetrate and purge impurities, aid in the relief of knee discomfort, and nurture skin full of vitality when you take a soothing bath.

Address: Highway 55, Binh Chau Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Hotline: 0254 3 871 131

Binh Chau Hot Spring, a natural mineral hot spring resort in Vietnam located around 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City

2 How to go to Binh Chau Hotspring?

Binh Chau Hotspring’s access roadway is very picturesque. You will appreciate the sensation of conquering the coastal road as you go here, with towering cliffs on one side and an infinite sea on the other. Before stopping at Binh Chau Hot Spring and unwinding in the warm water, all promise to provide you spectacular moments.

You can travel to Binh Chau Hotspring Resort by bus, motorcycle, or even hydrofoil because the destination is close to Ho Chi Minh City. You can pick up the car near the Eastern Bus Station location if you’re traveling by bus. You may get to Xuyen Moc Bus Station for about 70,000 VND per person for one-way transportation. To go the remaining 23 km to Binh Chau Hotspring, you can take a bus, taxi, or motorbike from this point.

Additionally, if you want to experiment with something new, taking a hydrofoil will be the only choice that is more sensible. The price for one-way travel varies between 250,000 and 500,000 VND per person. You can go to Bach Dang wharf (HCMC) to buy tickets to go to Cau Da pier – Vung Tau. After that, you can travel via Highway 55 in a car, motorcycle, or bus to get to Binh Chau Hotspring from Vung Tau.

And a motorcycle is a better idea if you want to spend more time being active. For people who don’t have a lot of backpacking expertise, the trip to Binh Chau Hot Spring is extremely simple to travel, the road is clear and attractive.

If you want to ride your motorcycle to Binh Chau Hot Spring by yourself, you can use the following pathway: Hanoi Highway – Vung Tau junction – Highway 51 – Ba Ria Town – National Highway 55 – Binh Chau Hotspring Resort.

You can travel to Binh Chau Hotspring Resort by bus, motorcycle, or even hydrofoil

3 Ticket price to visit Binh Chau Hotspring Resort

Entrance ticket price:

Adult: 100.000 VND / each person

Children: 100.000 VND / each person

Ticket price for hot mineral bath:

Bathing in Binh Chau hot mineral pool for 1 person:

Adult: 200,000 VND / each person

Children: 100,000 VND / each person

Hydro-mineral bath for 4 people: 1,200,000 VND / group for 4

Hydro-mineral bath for 2 people: 1,200,000 VND / group for 2

Mineral bath:

Group of 1 person: 290,000 VND / each person

Group of 4 people: 950,000 VND / group for 4

Group of 5 – 6 people: 1,250,000 VND / group for 5 – 6

Group of 07 – 08 people: 1,450,000 VND / group for 7 – 8

Ticket price for mud and herbal bath:

Black mud bath ticket: 450,000 VND / each person

White mud bath ticket: 450,000 VND / each person

VIP mud bath ticket: 700,000 VND / each person

Herbal bath ticket: 400,000 VND / each person

Ticket for herbal foot bath and foot reflexology: 180,000 VND / each person

Feet massage ticket: 130,000 VND / each person

Facial massage ticket: 170,000 VND / each person

Full body massage ticket: 180,000 VND / each person

Traditional massage ticket: 270,000 VND / each person

Hot stone massage ticket: 350,000 VND / each person

Herbal massage ticket: 310,000 VND/person

Herbal salt scrub ticket: 200,000 VND / each person

Sauna, sauna ticket: 200,000 VND / each person

VIP Spa package (mud bath, sauna, sauna): 1,100,000 VND / each person

Entrance ticket + hot mineral water foot bath: 160,000 VND / adult – 80,000 VND / children

Entrance ticket + hot mineral bath: 260,000 VND / adult – 130,000 VND / children

Entrance ticket + mud bath + mineral bath: 500,000 VND / adult – 250,000 VND / children

Binh Chau Hotspring Resort has made a significant investment in a wide variety of services

4 Interesting activities Binh Chau Hotspring Resort 4.1 Soaking in hot mineral water at Binh Chau Hotspring Resort

In your vacation to Binh Chau Hotspring, one of the exciting activities you shouldn’t miss is soaking in hot mineral water with a temperature range of 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.

A variety of hot mineral pools, each with their own purposes and spanning the 30-hectare area, are available to adequately suit the demands of everyone. The hot mineral pools, relaxation pools, hydromassage pools, and kiddie pools are the most well-liked spots. For those who like to rest in privacy, Binh Chau Hotsprings also offers private plunge pools.

4.2 Mineral mud bath

The mineral mud at Binh Chau Hotsprings is entirely natural and was created over hundreds of years by combining sedimentary leaves and stems with hot mineral streams. When visiting Binh Chau Hotspring, you can go through the mud bath area to immerse in the white mud after taking a peaceful dip in the hot mineral water. In order for the body to regenerate fresh energy, you may also try combining black mud with Melaleuca essential oil and then lying down to rest. The mineral mud’s essences will permeate the skin and aid in the removal of toxins. aids in skin restoration and smoothness.

The mineral mud’s essences will permeate your skin

4.3 Boil eggs in hot mineral water

Boiling eggs in hot mineral resources is a unique practice in Binh Chau Hotspring. There are lakes with a temperature of up to 82 degrees Celsius in the skylight region beneath the canopy of the old melaleuca trees. Eggs can therefore be boiled in this area. You only need to boil the eggs for 10 to 15 minutes to produce a delicious and nutrient-rich hard-boiled egg.

4.4 Visiting Mini Zoo

In addition to year-round hot mineral pools with high temperatures, Binh Chau Hotspring also has a small zoo. At the moment, this is a place where creatures like bears, pythons, hedgehogs, monkeys, and even eagles are cared for.

When you visit the zoo, you can watch deer and goats lazily grazing or take pictures of them. In addition, there are lush grasslands scattered throughout the zoo where visitors can arrange outdoor camping.

Mini Zoo is the place where you can watch deer and goats lazily grazing or take pictures of them

4.5 Discover the unique culinary background

On the property of Binh Chau Hotsprings Resort, there is a restaurant and cafe to meet the dining demands of visitors in an effort to give them unique experiences.

Anyone dining at the resort’s Hoa Rung Restaurant will feel at home and at ease thanks to its warm, Asian-inspired decor. You may be likely to experience moments of special gastronomic discovery when dining at Hoa Rung Restaurant thanks to its extensive menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and meals made from fresh seafood.

Hoa Rung Restaurant has the menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and meals made from fresh seafood

5 Some notes when visiting Binh Chau Hot Spring

If traveling by motorbike, you should pay attention to fill up with gasoline before you go because the area around Binh Chau Hot Springs has few gas stations.

You can bring ready-made food at home if you intend to organize a picnic

If you come to Binh Chau Hot Spring, you must definitely experience a hot mineral bath, mud bath or foot bath to relax and fully feel the excitement of this place.

Binh Chau Hotspring Resort is the perfect choice for people who looking for new experiences when visiting to Vung Tau Province

Binh Chau Hotspring has traditionally been a favored destination for many tourists because of its lush natural surroundings and hot mineral source, which has a high temperature throughout the year. If you have the chance to travel to Vung Tau but are looking for new experiences, you might want to consider the Binh Chau Hotspring.

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Egg Coffee – A Delicious Drink Of Hanoi People

Egg coffee – culinary culture in the heart of Hanoi

For a long time, egg coffee is no longer a strange name for visitors visiting Hanoi , everyone is curious to try egg coffee. Because only Hanoi has a delicious egg coffee that is not available.

A familiar drink of Hanoians

To make this special cup of coffee requires ingredients including coffee, fresh eggs, milk, sugar. The egg yolks whipped with milk and sugar into a creamy, creamy consistency with a light yellow color. Then people pour heated coffee water into the egg cream floats gently on the cup mouth looks extremely attractive. In each cup of coffee need to use 2 egg yolks and pure coffee powder with a strong aroma of Vietnamese coffee.

Despite this general recipe, each egg cafe in Hanoi also has its own secret, which may differ from coffee roasting or whisking, but each has a different flavor. But one common feature is that coffee does not have the greasy and fishy taste of eggs. As at Giang coffee shop, when bringing hot coffee cup, put it in a bowl of hot water to keep the coffee warm for a long time, the drinker slowly sips the flavor.

Cup of coffee with eggs, milk and sugar But the hobby of drinking coffee eggs of the Hanoi people is also very strange, they are not picky and stylish in luxury cafes but just gather around some sidewalk stools or in a house in the middle of the area. old collective; They are ready to immerse themselves in the street, before coming to Dinh coffee, you can sit on the railing and look directly at the windswept Sword Lake, but now that seat is no longer …People only need a low table and three stools to drink coffee Then the drinker sips a little sweet melt in the whipped cream, then a little bold and bitter in the coffee layer, or stirring both flavors to balance it all. If the first drink is a little strange, a bit unfamiliar, but unexpectedly after a few sips, I will be ecstatic at the sweet taste mixed with the characteristic fragrant aroma of eggs. Many friends from far away to Hanoi keep enjoying egg coffee once, and there are also many people who still dream about egg coffee after chúng tôi strange drink that everyone has tried and is already in love with that taste

Although the best drink is in the winter, fresh chicken eggs are thick and warm, very suitable for drinking and pampering in the cold days of Hanoi; But actually, all year round, whenever you come to Hanoi, please try this drink!

Delicious egg cafes in Hanoi

Giang Coffee, Dinh Coffee or Old Quarter Coffee … are familiar names to those who love fragrant drinks, bearing the shape of ancient Hanoi.

– Coffee Giang: The people who love coffee in the capital, no one does not know Giang, one of the “four pillars of coffee” in Hanoi: Nhan, Nhi, Di, Giang. This is the first place to sell coffee eggs in the period, because its founder – Mr. Giang is the creator of this drink. Previously as a bartender for Metrophole Hotel, inspired by the specific capuchino coffee that made the famous drink of Hanoi people.

Giang Coffee is located at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan If there is a characteristic that distinguishes egg coffee in Giang from other places, it is the richness of coffee and the aroma of the egg yolk, the special sweet cream taste. The recognition of a cup of coffee in Giang is reflected in the number of more than 3,000 cups served at the US-Trieu Summit held in Vietnam in early 2023.Coffee cup at Giang is placed in a bowl of hot water

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District & 106 Yen Phu, Ba Dinh District.

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Từ khoá: Egg coffee – a delicious drink of Hanoi people

Beautiful Waterfalls Like A Fairy Scene Cannot Be Missed When Coming To Moc Chau

Only less than 200km from Hanoi along National Highway 6, Moc Chau – Son La is being evaluated as the capital of an emerging global tourist paradise. In 2023, Moc Chau was honored with the World Travel Award (WTA) as the “World’s Leading Regional Nature Destination”. The natural landscape here is still unspoiled, especially the beautiful fairy-like waterfalls worthy of a visit.

Amidst the majestic and mysterious greatness, the waterfalls in Son La not only bring ecstatic beauty to people’s hearts, but also hide the legends to make the beauty more charming and magical. Among the famous waterfalls in Son La, there are Nang Tien waterfall, Dai Yem waterfall, and Ta Nang waterfall.

Tat Nang Waterfall has a story about a sad love story.

When visiting Ta Nang waterfall, visitors will hear a sad story about a beautiful Muong girl. She has a crush and loves a boy. On the contrary, the person she loves is the child of a family that is the enemy of the family. Unable to come together, the girl chose to end her life, throwing herself down from the top of Tat Nam. The name Ta Nang waterfall was also born from there, associated with a painful love story. In the midst of thousands of mountains and forests, high mountains, 3 waterfalls flowing vertically down to look like a giant white silk strip in the Northwest sky.

Dai Biem Waterfall

And at Dai Yem Waterfall, another love story. According to local people, Dai Yem waterfall is also known as Nang waterfall. Dai Biem Waterfall is located in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district. Dai Yem Waterfall is located on Vat stream, originating from two streams of Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Con in Vat village – a Thai village with a long history. Suoi Vat flows about 5 km in combination with a large stream starting from Bo Sap village (bordering Vietnam – Laos) and at the confluence of these two streams, the water meets the limestone mountains flowing down to form a waterfall. The majestic bib.

People here say that in the past, in Laos, there were foreign invaders. With the friendship between Vietnam and Laos, the boys of Vat village volunteered to go to your country to help. At that time, there was a Thai ethnic couple who loved each other very dearly. Before leaving, the young man and his lover parted at the top of the waterfall and promised that he would return to fight the enemy and marry you…

After the war broke, the boys of the Vat village returned, but the girl’s lover was nowhere to be seen. Every day, she kept climbing to the top of the waterfall to wait. There were boys in the proposal, but she refused, uncompromisingly faithful to the wishes of the two.

One day, the girl was bathing in the waterfall and accidentally fell down. The villagers went to look for it but could not find it, only seeing a strip of Thai girl’s bib hanging on a tree branch. That bib was embroidered with the names of the boy and the girl. Since then, the villagers have called this waterfall Dai Yem to symbolize the iron love of the couple…

Dai Yem Waterfall has a height of more than 100m and has two parts including a waterfall and a clear jade-like stream.

Not only beautiful love stories like Dai Yem waterfall, Ta Nang waterfall, and Nang Tien waterfall are associated with the legend of two beautiful girls, they help the people here know how to farm, build houses, and dance. , the Khen, the Pi,… Expressing their gratitude and admiration for the talent and virtue of the two girls, the people honored the citadel. After the two women lost their people in the area, they established a temple, the name of which is Nang Bang – Nang Muong temple, or the temple of Lady Chua Son Lam.

Nang Tien Waterfall (also known as May waterfall, Chieng Khoa waterfall, 7-storey waterfall) is located in Na Cha village, Chieng Khoa commune, 7 km southeast of Van Ho district center. The waterfall is formed by the water source of Tan stream, confluence from Suoi Lin branch, Van Ho commune and Suoi Khem village, Phieng Luong commune (Moc Chau district).

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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What To Buy From Da Nang Tourism As A Gift? Gifts That Young And Old Will Love

What to buy from Da Nang tourism as a gift? 1. Da Nang dried fish is delicious and attractive

If you are wondering what to buy in Da Nang as a gift , please refer to the specialty of dried fish. This is a very interesting and popular snack. After being caught, the fish will be cleaned, marinated, dried and cut into small pieces. When eating dried fish, you will feel the salty taste of fish sauce mixed with the sweetness of sugar, and the spicy taste of chili and pepper. It all comes together and makes a delicious dish.

2. Mackerel caught on a sunny day – a meaningful gift when traveling to Da Nang

Da Nang dried lychee fish

Among the seafood in Da Nang, mackerel is an item that many tourists choose to buy as gifts. This fish can be eaten fresh, but it is best when it is dried in the sun. Because at that time, the fish was drained by 1 part of the water, with a characteristic sweet and fragrant taste. Mackerel is processed into many dishes such as: tomato sauce, sweet and salty rim, …

3. Nam O fish sauce – a specialty of Da Nang’s divine dipping sauce 

Mackerel fishing for a sun

What to buy in Da Nang tourism as a gift? Nam O fish sauce is a great suggestion for you. This is a famous sauce that is not inferior to the brand name Phu Quoc fish sauce. Not only that, but when you taste it once, you will remember its taste forever. Nam O fish sauce has the main ingredient is anchovies caught from March to August of the lunar calendar. After being brewed with Ca Na salt for a long time, it lost its acrid taste, leaving only the pure surface taste. The barrel for brewing fish sauce must be jackfruit wood, the bottom is lined with broom and grit. The incubation period lasts for 12 months to produce 100-150 liters of fish sauce. Nam O fish sauce has a characteristic aroma and brown color of cockroach wings and is considered by the people as the number 1 fish sauce in Da Nang.

4. Specialty of Da Nang Pineapple Ginseng Tea

Nam O fish sauce

Pineapple Ginseng Tea is a specialty in Da Nang that is very suitable to buy as a gift for the elderly or those who have a passion for tea. This tea has a gentle aroma and is used very popularly in many eateries, restaurants and families in Da Nang. Pineapple Ginseng Tea is not only delicious but also brings many health benefits, does not cause insomnia like green tea. If you want to buy this gift, you can visit Con market, Han market, Bac My An market or Da Nang specialty stores.

5. Grilled coconut cake – a popular gift when traveling to Da Nang 

Pineapple Ginseng Tea

If you do not have the answer to the question of what to buy in Da Nang as a gift , you can buy grilled coconut cake. This is a very popular specialty but is loved by many domestic and foreign tourists. Baked cakes when enjoyed will have a fragrant, crispy, passionate coconut flavor. Usually, the cake will be divided into small pieces and then packaged for visitors to bring home. Because toasted coconut cake is very popular, finding a shop to buy it is very easy.

6. Dried squid / squid ink – a gift not to be missed when traveling to Da Nang 

Baked coconut cake

Traveling to Da Nang and you are looking to buy a seafood gift for your loved ones, you cannot ignore the specialty of dried squid or squid. After being caught and cleaned, the squids continue to be dried in the sun. Note that only once in the sun to keep the freshness and softness when enjoying.

7. When going to Da Nang, remember to buy rim me milk squid as a gift

A sunny ink

Squid rim me milk will be a great choice when you are considering what to buy in Da Nang as a gift? This specialty you can easily find in any market in Da Nang. The selected squid must be milk squid and combined with many other ingredients such as: tamarind sauce, sesame, … When eating squid, rim tamarind milk will have a mild sour taste, the aroma of sesame, and the chewy sweetness from milk squid. . This specialty can be eaten alone or with rice.

8. Spicy rimmed dried beef – a great gift when traveling to Da Nang

Squid with milk rim me

Spicy rimmed dried beef fish has a very eye-catching appearance thanks to the hot brown sugar water coating on the outside and the spicy chili to stimulate the taste. The method of preparing this dish is not too complicated. The cook cut the dried fish into small slices, sliced ​​​​and then soaked with many spices and finally stir-fried with chili sauce, sugar, sprinkled with a little more sesame to create aroma.

9. Crab with rim milk – delicious seafood of Da Nang 

Spicy dried beef fish

Milk crab is a dish that is not strange to people in the Central region. This is a type of baby crab, soft, so it can be eaten whole. Milk crabs contain high nutrients, providing calcium and protein, which is very good for pregnant women, bones and growing children. Milk crab can be processed into many dishes, but the most delicious is still rim with sugar fish sauce.

10. Da Nang specialties to buy as gifts: Da Nang beef jerky

Crab milk rim

Beef jerky is a specialty that is always in the top of the best dishes in Da Thanh. This is also the number 1 choice when you are struggling to know what to buy in Da Nang as a gift ? Beef jerky is made from fresh beef, cut into pieces, and marinated with spices such as sugar, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, and green onions. Then grind it into small pieces and wrap it in banana leaves. When eaten, beef rolls have the aroma of meat, a slightly spicy taste from pepper and the aroma of banana leaves. This type of sausage is served with many dishes depending on the preferences of each person. Each upper cow weighs about 500g, is quite neat, and easy to carry when moving.

Where to buy reputable gifts in Da Nang? 

Da Nang beef jerky

In Da Nang, there are many supermarkets, shops or markets selling specialties as gifts. If you do not know where to buy, please refer to some of the following addresses:

1. Con Market

Con Market  is not only known as a culinary paradise, but here tourists can also find for themselves a multitude of fresh specialties with not too expensive prices. This market consists of 2 rows of 2-storey houses, 1 row of 3-storey houses, in the middle is a level 4 house, where a lot of dry food, fresh food and necessities are sold.

Address: 290 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

Opening hours: From 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily.

2. Son Tra Night Market

Con market

What to buy in Da Nang as a gift and where to buy? Surely Son Tra night market is a great address that you can visit. This market is located in a prime location, close to the foot of the Dragon Bridge, so it is easy to find. This place sells all kinds of items from dried seafood, and cuisine to handicrafts, and souvenirs, …

Address: D. Ly Nam De intersects with Mai Hac De next to the foot of the Dragon Bridge.

Opening hours: From 18h00 – 24h00 every day.

3. Han Market

Son Tra Night Market

Han Market is a business place with a variety of items from clothes, food, and souvenirs to specialties… With an area of ​​more than 28,000 m2, including 576 stalls and 36 kiosks, this will definitely be one paradise for you to buy gifts for your loved ones. The specialties can be bought here such as: dried seafood, fish sauce, frozen food, dried fruit, jam, …

4. Thien Phu Da Nang specialty supermarket

Han Market

Besides the traditional markets, you can also choose the specialty supermarket Thien Phu Da Nang to buy gifts because this is a branded specialty supermarket in Da Nang with a lot of prestigious items at reasonable prices. very affordable.

Currently, this supermarket has 3 locations in:

274 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang City

659 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Da Nang City

200 Ho Nghinh, Da Nang City

Thien Phu specialty supermarket in Da Nang

Through the above sharing, hopefully, you will no longer have to worry about what to buy when traveling to Da Nang . Wish you will have a wonderful journey in Da Nang and choose meaningful gifts for relatives and friends.

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Từ khoá: What to buy from Da Nang tourism as a gift? Gifts that young and old will love

100+ Stt Về Hoa Mai, Hoa Đào Mùa Xuân, Ngày Tết ❤️️ Thả Thính

100+ STT Về Hoa Mai, Hoa Đào Mùa Xuân, Ngày Tết ❤️️ Thả Thính✅Tổng Hợp Cho Bạn Trọn Bộ STT Hay Về Hoa Mai Ngày Tết Tại Bài Viết Sau Đây

Những STT Về Hoa Đào Hay Nhất

Cứ mỗi độ Tết đến Xuân về, hoa đào lại rực rỡ khoe sắc khắp đất trời xứ Bắc. Từ trong nhà, ngoài vườn và cả trên từng con ngõ nhỏ cạnh đường phố tấp nập, người ta đều bắt gặp sắc hồng của loài hoa này.

Cũng như hoa mai, hoa mận, hoa đào sở hữu những phẩm chất rất riêng. Giống như mỗi người trong chúng ta đều là duy nhất. Chúng ta không thể trở thành một ai khác. Điều quan trọng là chúng ta sống thật với chính mình và khiến cho bông hoa vĩ đại của đời mình nở ra.

Năm ấy, mùa hoa đào nở. Đất nước hân hoan đón xuân.

Nếu là hoa, xin được làm hoa anh đào. Nếu là người, xin được làm một samurai. Bởi lẽ khi hoa anh đào rơi rụng và samurai ngã xuống, đều thanh cao lẫm liệt.

Nếu là hoa, xin được làm hoa anh đào. Nếu là người, xin được làm một samurai. Bởi lẽ khi hoa anh đào rơi rụng và samurai ngã xuống, đều thanh cao lẫm liệt.

Nếu con gái đừng mong manh như hoa đào, tuy đẹp nhưng nhanh tàn phai khiến biết bao người nuối tiếc.

Miền Bắc có hoa đào, miền Nam có hoa mai, còn em thì mong có anh.

Làm con gái đừng giống như hoa đào, tuy nở rực rỡ ít ai bằng nhưng khi héo rũ thì chẳng còn nửa phần khiến người ta tiếc thương.

Không có gì mang lại hạnh phúc cho tâm hồn hơn là trải nghiệm những đào nở.

Những bông hoa đào nở rộ có ma lực làm say đắm mọi trái tim bằng vẻ đẹp thuần khiết của mình. Là phụ nữ, hãy luôn chăm sóc bản thân thật tốt để luôn xinh đẹp, dịu dàng và nở hoa trong hạnh phúc.

Tokyo một ngày nhiều mây. Mặc dù đã vào xuân nhưng khí trời vẫn chưa ấm áp mấy. Bên ngoài hoa anh đào đã nở rộ khắp nơi, màu trắng như bao phủ thành phố nhộn nhịp này…

Cánh hoa anh đào thanh thuần nhẹ nhàng rơi xuống dòng nước mùa xuân. Không cầu được toàn bộ biết đến mà chỉ cầu được đảm nhiệm và lưu lại hình ảnh hoàn mỹ nhất.

Hoa anh đào không chỉ tượng trưng cho vẻ đẹp thanh cao mà còn là nỗi buồn về sự ngắn ngủi, phù dung và tính khiêm nhường, nhẫn nhịn.

Rộn ràng mùa hoa anh đào nở, bần thần ngắm gió hương. Ôi bầu trời bình yên, mong đợi ngày đưa em đến!

Dường như mọi lo toan của cuộc sống đã bị tan biến bởi chính hương thơm thoáng đưa của loài hoa này.

 Không gì mang lại hạnh phúc cho tâm hồn hơn là trải qua sự đào hoa.

Hoa đào dù có đẹp đến mấy thì cũng đến lúc sẽ tàn phai. Tình yêu dù có tốt đến mấy thì cũng có lúc sẽ phai nhòa. Nhưng trước hết bạn hãy lưu trữ đúng khoảnh khắc đẹp đẽ đó.

Những cánh hoa anh đào tưởng chừng mỏng dính đó nhưng luôn tiềm ẩn khát khao của đời sống. Hoa anh đào là bông hoa của khoảnh khắc ngắn ngủi nhưng nó lại gợi lên một động lực tuyệt vời.

Hao anh đào nở rộ rồi cũng nhanh tàn như cuộc tình của chúng mình nồng nàn rồi cũng nhanh chóng qua đi.

Cô yêu nhất hoa anh đào không phải vì cảnh hoa rơi ào ạt lãng mạn trước mắt mà bởi số mệnh của nó.

Gửi Đến Bạn Những ❤️️ Thơ Về Hoa Mai ❤️️ Chùm Thơ Hoa Ngày Tết

Trong sóng biển màu, vài cánh hoa đào chao liệng, giữa trời đất không có màu sắc nào khác, cũng không có âm thanh nào khác.

Cuối năm, đi trên những con đường rợp bóng liễu bên dòng sông rực rỡ hoa đào, tôi tìm kiếm ánh xuân, nhưng lạc lõng khắp nơi. Những con chim bay lên và rải những miếng da nổi trên mặt nước. Làn sóng trầm tư của hoa rũ cành

Hoa anh đào nở rộ rồi cũng nhanh tàn như cuộc tình chúng mình nồng nàn rồi cũng nhanh chóng qua đi.

Những cánh hoa tưởng trừng mỏng manh đó những luôn chứa đựng khát khao của cuộc sống. Hoa đào là bông hoa của khoảnh khắc ngắn ngủi, nhưng nó lại gợi lên một động lực tuyệt vời.

Hoa anh đào ôm mộng tưởng biến thành người. Giống như nàng tiên cá đổi lấy đôi chân… Đánh đổi tất cả, chỉ muốn có được người mình yêu. Tình yêu, thật sự rất vĩ đại.

Hoa đào nở chính là lúc không khí Tết gần kề, mỗi góc phố phường ta lại thấy những nụ hoa đào chúm chím xinh xắn, thấy những chiếc xe đạp trở từng bó to thật nhiều những cành đào bắt mắt.

👉 Bên cạnh Thơ Về Hoa Mai, Tặng bạn trọn bộ ☀️Thơ Chế Về Hoa ☀️Các Loài Hoa

Tuyển tập thêm cho bạn những câu Thả Thính Hoa Đào cực chất như nước cất sau đây!

Hoa đào nở rộ đầy cành, rực rỡ sắc màu rơi rơi trong gió. Lăng Lăng đứng dưới tán cây, nhìn một màn mưa hoa bay lượn ngập trời.

Lúc hoa anh đào nở cũng là lúc sắc hoa còn tươi thắm. Vì lẻ đó nó đã trở thành biểu tượng của cái đẹp đối với bất cứ người Nhật nào.

Có người nói, số mệnh cây anh đào thật thê lương, thân cây to lớn không biết phải bồi đắp qua bao nhiêu mùa nóng lạnh, nhưng lại chỉ có thể bày ra vẻ rực rỡ trong thoáng chốc trên nhân gian.

Cô yêu nhất hoa đào không phải vì cảnh hoa rơi ào ạt lãng mạn trước mắt mà bởi số mệnh của nó.

Hoa anh đào đẹp đẽ như thế nhưng lại nở rồi tàn trong thời gian rất ngắn, chỉ khoảng 1 tuần khiến nhiều người tiếc nuối. Chỉ cần 1 cơn gió thoảng qua là cánh hoa đã nhẹ nhàng lìa cành…

Em sẽ không bao giờ quên hình ảnh những cánh anh đào nhè nhẹ bay trong mưa…

Nguyện ước năm mới sẽ giống như cánh hoa đào mỏng manh, tuy ngắn ngủi nhưng vẫn vươn mình tỏa sáng rạng rỡ. Luôn trân trọng từngkhoảnh khắc đẹp đẽ trong đời.

Vận tốc hoa anh đào rơi, mới quý giá và đẹp đẽ làm sao – đẹp như chính hoa anh đào vậy!

Hoa anh đào đang rụng. Mùa hoa năm nay đã sắp hết. Hoa rơi, tự như giọt nước mắt của ai đó. Nữ hoàng hay nói với Kaori, hoa anh đào rơi là lúc nữ thần mùa xuân khóc. Bao nhiêu giọt nước mắt rơi là bấy nhiêu cánh hoa rụng

Hoa anh đào ôm mộng tưởng biến thành người. Giống như nàng tiên cá đổi lấy đôi chân…Đánh đổi tất cả, chỉ muốn có được người mình yêu. Tình yêu, thật sự rất vĩ đại

Chia Sẽ Bạn Trọn Bộ 😘 LỜI CHÚC MÙNG 1 TẾT 😘 Hay Nhất

Gửi đến bạn top những STT Về Hoa Mai hay và ấn tượng nhất

Hoa mai là loài hoa xuân của miền Nam, giống như hoa đào của miền Bắc.

Hoa mai trắng mang vẻ đẹp thanh tao.

Hoa mai nở ra màu vàng tươi như nắng, nở từng chùm dày đặc trên cành

 Giữa cái giá lạnh của Hà Nội, được ngắm một cây mai vàng, ta tưởng như cảm nhận được cái ấm áp của nắng phương Nam.

Mai được đưa vào một trong bốn bộ tứ mộc cao quý: tùng, cúc, trúc, mai. Hoa mai có hương thơm thoang thoảng, dịu dàng, làm say mê lòng người. 

Cái làm nên vẻ đẹp của một cây mai vào dịp Tết chính là hoa mai.

Hoa mai là một loại hoa có vẻ đẹp cao sang và lộng lẫy vì thế thường được trưng bày vào ngày tết.

Hoa mai và hoa đào là hai loài hoa đặc trưng cho ngày Tết của dân tộc ta.

Chia Sẽ Bạn 15 Mẫu 👍 Thuyết Minh Về Cây Mai Ngày Tết 👍 Hay Nhất

Những Bài Thơ Về Hoa Đào Hay được chúng tôi sưu tầm tặng bạn dưới đây

Mời Bạn Tham Khảo Những ❌ Cap Về Bánh Chưng ❌ STT Gói Bánh Chưng Hay

Bạn Đừng Bỏ Lỡ Cơ Hội ✅ Nhận Thẻ Cào 100k Miễn Phí  ✅ Viettel Mobifone Chưa Cào

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh: A Retreat From Hanoi trên website Vxsc.edu.vn. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!